The Harmonious Fully-Integrated Sovereign Individual Trinity
The Individual Trinity
- Awareness & Strength are Skills. Practice Wisely. Be Aware & Remain Strong. -

The Spirit (Psyche) or the Mind, connects the Body through;
1. The Brain / Nervous System (Thought / Perception),
2. The Heart / Circulatory System (Emotion / Perspective),
3. The Gut / Digestive System (Action / Intuition), and
4. The Lymph / Lymphatic System (Fluid / Nourish+Detox)

The Soul (Pneuma) connects the Body & Mind through;
1. The Lungs / Respiratory System (Breath / Integrative).

The Body cannot live without a functional Lung, Heart, Brain, Gut, or Lymph.
(Breath + Fluid + Emotion + Thought + Action)
(Awareness + Knowledge + Understanding + Wisdom + Integrity)

The Body uses Relaxation,Tension, & Nourishment in order to:
Sense, Build/Detox, & Thrive.
Breath/Fluid & Emotion • Knowledge & Understanding • Meditation & Empathy

The Mind uses Knowledge, Understanding, & Wisdom in order to:
Discern, Integrate, & Motivate.
Emotion & Thought • Understanding & Wisdom • Critical Thinking & Imagination

The Spirit uses Solitude, Creativity, & Voluntary Association in order to:
Restore, Express, & Inspire.
Thought & Action • Wisdom & Integrity • Purpose & Creation

- A Simple Method -
- A Strong Body - - A Strong Mind - - A Strong Spirit -

Beyond Existence

  • Begin where you are while freely choosing to grow vital roots to cultivate a balance of health, wealth, and wisdom while getting physically and mentally stronger or maintaining them all in harmony and integrity with nature.
    (Self-determination begins with an understanding to rationally decide on a self-care action plan and then proceeding with confident persistence.)

  • Use wise principled effort to do that which gives you enthusiasm while continue being a life-long learner and doer to build or protect one's health, wealth, and liberty.
    (Realize the responsibility to create or maintain the health and freedom of one's own body and mind.)

  • Invest in yourself to create and enjoy rational values needed or wanted for yourself and others.
    (Learn and study about your current interests to possibly discover new or different areas of interest and then know the difference between needs required and wants desired for life, liberty, and happiness. Get things done with this simple and effective method called Simpleology.)

  • Get out and stay out of unnecessary debt to maintain a firm foundation, less hardship and worry, and more prosperity and happiness.
    (Save at least 10% of your income and/or consolidate high interest rate debt into a lower interest rate loan. See below.)

  • Invest in yourself and others using win/win tools to build and secure your future independence and legacy.
    (Use low-cost / high-value financial services from Wealthfront and Cash Flow Connections to become a long-term investor in the worldwide market of the creation and exchange of values and/or use the lending services of Prosper to start a profitable business, pay off higher interest debt, or become a peer-to-peer lender with others.)

  • - Natural Law -
    The REAL Law Of Attraction And How To Apply It In Your Life

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